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In 784 Broadway, author Jim Ring brings to life his immigrant Italian heritage through a delightful retelling of summer visits to his family’s small greengrocer store in Kingston, New York. When we meet Jim Ring, circa 1950, he is an eight-year-old who, with his brother Dan, can’t wait to surprise his great uncles with the family’s arrival at the Joseph Garbarino greengrocer store located at 784 Broadway since 1894.

Ring’s stories, rich with humor and wisdom, span nearly three decades and are an impressive chronicle of small-town life in the iconic Hudson Valley, including the family camp near the Ashokan Reservoir in West Hurley and a camp on the Hudson River.


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Al-Qaeda, under new leadership in Yemen, targets two US cities for coordinated attacks to be executed by two cells of resident US citizens. These cells are led by a bomb expert known only as The Engineer. Al-Qaeda intends to shred a fragile US economy and destroy citizen confidence in the government’s ability to protect them.

al-Qaeda asks the Sicilian Mafia to smuggle a container into New York City. Sicilian sources believe it contains arms, explosives, and nuclear material. The Mafia agrees to the shipment but only to learn enough about the attacks to prevent them.



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