National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2013

The FBI is the lead federal agency in proctecting our cyber security within the US. Many federal agencies participate in this effort. This is the 10th year October is set aside to encourage citizens to learn more about how they can contribute to our national cyber security. Follow this LINK to the FBI news blog explaining the purpose of this effort and how each of us can contribute to our national cyber security. There are additional links to other government websites including information on how to report a cyber crime and how we individually can help protect our computers as we travel throug the cyber world.

Additionally the FBI website has a direct LINK to their cyber crimes investigation page which updates the public on the FBI’s effort against cyber crime.

Educating each and every citizen who uses a computer at home or at work on how to improve their cyber security is more a necessity today then ever before. Our lives and daily activities are more closely intertwined with the cyber world. What if your bank debit card did not work this afternoon. In fact no credit card of any type is working. The system is shut down because of a cyber threat or attack. How much cash do you have in your pocket?  Do you have enough cash for a couple of days, a week, longer?

Learn some simple steps you can take to join the effort to protect our national cyber environment.