Setting Goals

As I have for the last three years, I came to Marco Island, Florida on March 1. I will remain in this place of warmth and natural beauty until the end of the month. The first two weeks I spend in what I call my “monastic” life style. My goals are to walk miles, eat modestly, work on my tan, reduce stress levels, and enjoy no martinis until this period of deprivation ends and my bride Merita joins me for the last two weeks of the month. We spend time hiking and touring the Everglades which we find beautiful, challenging, and exciting.

In prior years I regularly failed to meet my self-imposed goals for exercise, diet, stress reduction and book writing. When Merita arrived, I was just a tanned version of the overtired, exhausted and somewhat ill tempered person who left Boston at the height of an ugly winter. I set my own goals and was a consistent underachiever.

It occurred to me recently only a fool would set goals for himself under these circumstances. I have worked to achieve goals all my life. For the first time ever I have no employer and am the master of my time- mostly. I really needed to rethink the whole idea of what I was doing and why I was here. I did exactly that.

I am happy to report that this year I have successfully abandoned all goal setting. I have walked 3.4 miles every day. I have stuck to my diet and lost weight. I have gotten the sequel to Necessary Assets well under way, and I joined the Marco Island Writers, Inc. I have met with my principal reader Ken O’Brien to discuss various book matters. My tan is great and I voted present at the pool or beach every day!

If and when I have the time, and if sufficiently motivated, I may reflect on how this lack of goals has allowed me to do more.

Perhaps by next year, I will have abandoned the “to do” list! Your thoughts?