Local Author’s Books Parallel Nuclear Smuggling Terror Threats


By Matt Conti on Thu, Oct. 15, 2015

Jim Ring, resident of Boston’s North End and author of Necessary Assets, was ahead of the curve when he brought light to the issue of a black market in nuclear material and the threat that it represents to the United States.
Last week, the Boston Herald published an Associated Press story and SkyNews video about the Russian Mafia seeking to sell nuclear material to Muslim extremists in Moldova. These extremists, reportedly connected to ISIS, are described as actively seeking nuclear material to fulfill their publicly stated goal to detonate a nuclear device within the US.
“I think the Herald reporting on extremists seeking nuclear materials is timely and its coverage, no matter how uncomfortable it makes us feel, is necessary,” Ring told NorthEndWaterfront.com about the eerie
similarities between the AP story and his own books.
As a former F.B.I. agent, Jim Ring was well aware of the threat to America posed by the availability and trans-portability of nuclear material and its potential destructive use in dirty bombs. In Necessary Assets, he outlines in fiction how extremists could smuggle nuclear material into America on commercial ships to be used in multiple dirty bombs strategically placed in two American cities.
The extremist plan is to instill fear and remove the US as a world economic leader.
In his upcoming book, The Third Cell, Ring continues with the theme of the dangers America faces from nuclear material’s being smuggled into America.
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